Special Events Planner

Special Events

Parties, weddings, showers, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday gatherings, graduation, anniversary parties, family reunions, product launches, retirement parties….if your event requires anything more than turning on the porch light and ordering a keg, you need help.  Call a professional.   If you plan on using an outside venue, we can help you find the perfect location within your budget.   Probably something you would never have thought of.   Because we know how to find venues.   We’re good at this….trust me.


Weddings are a whole different breed.  There are hundreds of details.   If nothing more, you need someone to hold your hand as you navigate down this exhausting path.  If your budget is small, just talk to someone about selecting a venue.   There are some negotiation tools that could save you some money – some you may not be aware of.   A few tips from a professional could save you thousands.

Special event planner - Planification's wedding banquet setup.

Holiday Parties

Whether you gather employees at holiday time or plan a customer appreciation event, you’re going to need a bit of help.   You can use a local restaurant but will you be seated amongst the other diners?   A private room may be better suited to your group should they wish to make come brief comments.   And don’t forget a small token gift for each attendee to commemorate the occasion.   There may even be a few places you haven’t thought of.   Give me a call!

Community outreach

Event Planning is a huge part of any fundraising activity – especially for non-profits.   On occasion, I will donate or greatly discount my services to community groups or organizations in need.    Please contact me with the details of your event.

Block parties

Block parties are a great way to assemble your community for some fun.   Call me for some tips!


Kim is a consummate organizer. She works with the community through several networking groups assisting to bring services and people together. Her energy and infectious smile welcome you with each visit.

“Kim was also an excellent choice as my conference planner contact; not only did our personalities blend well, Kim’s ability to handle any of my issues was handled with complete aplomb.”