Fundraiser Event Planner

Live Entertainment

Whatever you’re planning, live entertainment will keep people there longer.  And that’s the idea – right?   We’re not talking your cousin that dabbles on the saxophone – we’re talking about a legitimate band – hopefully with a following of their own.  Nothing gets your numbers up better than people that are following the band around.

Live and Silent Auction

One of the best fundraising tools out there.   Get your committee to collect donated items from local businesses.   If you’re a non-profit, you can probably even get the large companies to make a donation.    And make sure there’s a bar – people are much more generous after that second martini.  Get a professional for a live auction for the larger items.    Advertise the items that will be up for bid – get some interest building before the event.  And make sure someone is sober at the end of the evening to collect the money.

Fundraiser event planner - Planification's silent auction setup.
Fundraiser planner - money, a calculator, and check.


People love bingo.  What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon with the chance to win some big money.   You don’t even have to be proficient at the game.  Another tool to raise money.   And a bar doesn’t hurt either.

Ad Books

I have seen ad books that look like a telephone directory (for those of you that remember telephone directories).  They used to be huge.   And money you raise adds up fast.   Start with small business card ads all the way up to back cover.    See if you can barter the printing for an ad.


Kim KNOWS how to throw an event. I attended the Women’s Networking Group of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce today and it was fabulous. For all those who missed it, I feel for you…the speaker was terrific and the food was incredible. Thank you Kim for always putting on great events.

Kim was wonderful to work with and and did a great job to make my pre-launch party for a new construction subdivision a great success. Kim coordinated the entire process personally and my team did not need to handle any of the event details. Thank you Kim for providing an extraordinary event.