Corporate Events Planner

Off-site Meetings

Sometimes an off-site location is necessary. Granted, there is a cost involved but it removes your staff from the interruptions of the office and allows them to focus on the reason you brought them together.   Focus on your agenda – your goals and your challenges.  And it provides a welcome respite from the day-to-day operation and allows staff to address issues from their perspective. Your salesperson that knocks on doors all day long can provide a viewpoint that you may not be able to see.  Their perspective is invaluable to the manager sitting at a computer all day.  Treat your staff and listen to what they say. You won’t be sorry.

Team Building

Giving a team that works together on a daily basis a new challenge is invaluable.  They face a new encounter and must work together in a new way – with new tools and out of their comfort zone.  You would be amazed at what happens. And you’ll all have some fun along the way, make some great memories and reward the people that put you on the map.

Planification corporate events planner services organized this large corporate event.

Trade Shows

“an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities”.   Whether large like the auto show or a small table-top expo, these are important.   Prospects need to know you’re there and current clients want to see you.   Make sure people know what you’re promoting and for heaven sakes don’t sit in the booth on your laptop the entire time.   And don’t eat in your booth.  Don’t forget the tchotchkes. 


“the act of conferring or consulting together; consultation, especially on an important or serious matter”.  Face-to-face interaction is the most valuable communication we have.   Not always the easiest but meeting in the same venue for a discussion and exchange of ideas is the best method available.  Nonverbal, usually unconscious communication through the use of postures, gestures and facial expressions cannot be matched with a video conference, teleconference or skype.   Not to mention the after-hours exchange where most of the work really gets accomplished.

Appreciation Dinner

For clients or staff – what a better way to show your appreciation.     This doesn’t need to be expensive – just a way to say thank you.   Highlight new products or services – talk about your recent accomplishment or an accomplishment of your staff – provide a forecast of the year to come.   Stay front of mind.   And don’t forget to invite the spouses – they play a bigger role than you think.


“You saved me yesterday with your quick thinking and sure hands.   If you hadn’t organized the repair of my ailing Jaguar, it would have been a mess.  It turned out to be a little $10.00 fuel pump part but I was, as you know, high and dry without it.  May I also thank you for the able, professional handling of ISR’s global strategy planning meeting.  You had a splendid knack of showing up at all the right times with a good idea or quick solution.” 

“Kim Kreml was an extraordinary asset throughout the entire process, from planning to implementing.  Not only did she ensure that our staff was minimally concerned with logistics and coordinate all of our last minute changes (and there were many), she also excweeded all of our expectations by personally extending herself to accommodate all of our needs.   In summary, she made a significant contribution to the success of our conference, and for that we are grateful.”